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[Journal, Year, Volume, StartPage, EndPage]"Psychological Reports","1999","84","663","673"
[Authors, Affiliations]"REBECCA RENWICK","University of Toronto","TRACY HALPEN","Private Practice","DEBORAH RUDMAN","University of Toronto","JUDITH FRIEDLAND","University of Toronto"
[Summary]"Summary.—Validation data are described for the Social Support Inventory for People who are HIV Positive or Have AIDS. This inventory was developed specifically for use with individuals who are HIV-positive to assess three types of received support (instrumental, informational, emotional) for each of four dimensions: whether support is received or wanted, satisfaction with support, and source of the support. It was validated in the context of a larger cross-sectional study of 120 adults with HIV who completed a set of questionnaires. Descriptive statistics, internal consistency coefficients, and evidence of construct validity for the original inventory are presented. An improved, revised version based on the validation data for the original one is also briefly described, but not tested."
[Footnotes]"Two grants from the National Health Research and Development Program (NHRDP) of Canada to Judith Friedland, Rebecca Renwick, and MaryAnn McColl supported (a) the development of the original items and format and (b) a study of the relationships among social support, coping, and quality of life for a sample of HIV-positive adults (Friedland, Renwick, & McColl, 1996; Renwick & Friedland, 1996). The study included validation of the original inventory. The authors appreciate the assistance of Carrie Bernard, Lisa Stevenato, Lisa Menaker, and Barbara Wyatt.","Address enquiries to Rebecca Renwick, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Graduate Department of Rehabilitation Science, University of Toronto, 256 McCaul Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5T 1W5 or e-mail ("